Q. What is https://blowupthephone.com?

A. It's a online service that can prank your friends by sending them hundreds of funny text messages from different phone numbers.

Q. How does the prank work?

A. The service can send up to 100 text messages with a funny preset messages from different numbers with a variety of comedic themes.

Q. Will the person know it's me that played a pranked them?

A. No, the target of the prank will not know who did it, but please ensure that you have reviewed our Terms and Conditions.
We do send a message to the recipient to allow them to block their number from being pranked in the future

We also prevent multiple pranks on a user. Only 1 prank is allowed per every 24 hours, per number.

Note: This prank is for entertainment purposes only, and should only be used with discretionary consent and permission of the person you're pranking. We don't condone harassment.

Q. Why do you charge money?

A. We charge a flat rate of 6¢ per SMS + 50¢ processing fee. This fee covers the cost of microtransaction fees on Paypal & Stripe.

The most you would pay for Pranking any single number would be $6.50 per prank.

Also, texting costs money, we're not paying for you to prank your friends.

We have to cover our costs to keep the site up, hosting, PayPal & Stripe Fees, Phoneline rentals, and make it easy for you to prank.

Q. Is this site serious?

A. Yes, try It out! Blow up someones phone here

Q. How do i stop the pranks?

A. Simply text reply "STOP" to any text and all pranks will stop automatically and the user will automatically be added to our blocklist.