Prank Calls Ideas for Family: 4 Easy April Fools’ Pranks

Family can be our closest friends or worst enemies at times. We always find a way to play practical jokes on them in hopes they will not knock us upside the head. Here are prank calls ideas for family fun that will keep you laughing.  

1. I Got a Promotion!

No one supports you more than your family when good things, like a promotion, happen. Lead them on by thinking your promotion happened in your line of work. Blow their minds when you tell them the promotion is in a new game you are playing. Here is an idea of how the conversation can go:

You: Hey, how’s it going? I’m just calling to tell you all some exciting news.

Them: Really? What happened?

You: I’ve been working really hard on a project, and I just got promoted to the next level!

Them: Hey, that’s great news! I’m happy for you!

You: Yeah, it took a while and a couple of tries, but I finally beat the odds and got that promotion.

Them: So, tell us about the promotion. What will you be doing?

You: Well, it offers more credits, and the task will be a bit more difficult on this level. 

Them: Really? Wow! That sounds exciting!  

You: Yes, it really is, and I’m super excited! I can’t wait to keep moving up in all the levels. 

Them: Well, keep up the excellent work. We wish you the best!

You: Yeah, thanks! With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to beat this new game I got and keep getting promoted to the next level! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Them: Game? Like video games???

2. Brought a Brand New Car

Lead your family to think you bought the car of your dreams. Imagine their surprise when it is only a miniature, like Hot Wheels. This is how the conversation may go over Skype, FaceTime, or any other video chatroom: 

You: Hey, I have some fantastic news! I am so excited. I just cannot contain myself!  

Them: Really? What’s up?

You: I just took all the hard-earned money that I have saved, and I bought the car of my dreams!

Them: Hey, that’s great! When can we see it? 

You: Hang on. I’ll show it to you in a few minutes.

 You pull the miniature car out, and show it to them in the video.

You: Well, there she is!

Them: (laughter)

3. I’m Drunk, But I’m Okay!

Call up your family from your home pretending to be drunk with your best-drunk accent. You may find yourself needing a ride to the store or the mall. Pretend you will need a ride because you are drunk or else you’ll drive to the location if they don’t help you. Check out their reaction when they realize they were pranked. This could be how the joke plays out: 

You: (Drunk voice) Uh, hey, I need a ride to the store across town.

Them: It sounds like you had one too many.

You: Yeah, I’m drunk, and I don’t think I should be driving, so I need your help.

Them: No, don’t do that. I’m on my way. Hang on. 

They show up, and you walk out staggering to their car. When you get in, talk normal and say April Fools’. If they still take you, they have a good sense of humor. 

4. Are Your Appliances Running? 

This is a simple prank call that many people face with warranty and survey calls. They can be annoying, but there is a way to put a spin on the situation:  

You: We are calling to see how your appliances are running and if there are any issues you may have with them. Is your fridge running?

Them: Uh, yes.

You: Okay, how about your AC unit – is it running?

Them: Yes, it is running. 

You: Sorry, one more question. Your washing machine, is it in running condition?

Them: Yeah. (Getting irritated)

You: Well, you better run after them because they will get away from you fast. (Wait for a response.)

A Good April Fools’ Prank on your Parents

These prank calls ideas for family spreads laughter, but there are websites with phone calls, like the I Just Bought Your House Prank that can leave your parents in confusion. A little laugh never hurts, but be careful that the family can take a joke.  


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