10 Best Birthday Pranks You Can Pull On Your Friends

A birthday is a moment to rejoice, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to engage in some naughty and fun activities. Birthday pranks are particularly enjoyable for those who like a good laugh. However, a birthday prank must always be harmless and never harmful.

You’re a witty person, but if you genuinely want to have everyone laughing at your friend’s birthday party, you’ll need hilarious and downright malicious birthday pranks presents. When it comes to combining your gift-giving abilities with your practical joke abilities, prank presents allow you to be your most merciless self.

So, are you planning a birthday party for your friends? Then you’ve come to the right place! In here, you’ll discover the 10 best birthday pranks for your friends. You can begin planning your perfect birthday party prank right now with this list!

1. Prank Call from a Mobile Operator

It is one of the great prank call ideas for a friend’s birthday. How do you make friends believe you’re from the phone company? Inform them that you need their participation in a survey or phone checkup and give them free internet in return for their time. Then, ask them humiliating questions, such as how often they’ve looked pornographic on their phone. Your friends will immediately recognize what’s going on, but it’ll make you both laugh.

2. Fake Problem Prank Call

Nothing beats playing pranks with your friends at their birthday parties. You’ll need to practice your acting talents to pull off this prank. Inform friends how irritated you are with a situation and how you are at a loss for what to do. This will take friends a few seconds to realize you’ve tricked them, but you’ll both laugh in the end.

3. Birthday Gift Video Prank Call

It is also one of the best birthday pranks ideas you can pull on your friends. Tell a friend your neighbors have provided you with a video of them kicking your dog. Let your emotions out.

Moreover, it is an excellent prank to punish a friend. Remind them that this is a tremendous disrespect to your friendship. Hold them on edge for a few minutes before letting them go. Use it only if they are already at fault for anything.

4. Packages of Prank Mail

Nothing will make your friends’ poor unknowing target feel more embarrassed than getting one of these prank mail gifts at their home. The box includes a humorous label that will make them exceedingly uncomfortable and ashamed.

5. Birthday Card With Endless Singing and Glitter

Give the gift of irritation to your friends by shocking them with this glitter-filled, incessantly singing birthday card. This card will continue to play the “happy birthday” song until the battery dies or the automobile is ripped apart, at which time glitter will erupt all over the area.

6. Plantable Fake Poop Wildflower Seeds

On your friend’s birthdays, prank them with a carton of fake poop! It comes with a witty personalized letter for your friend, and after you’ve gotten your fill of laughter, you can plant it to produce wildflowers!

7. Spider Jump Scare Box

Surprise the arachnophobe on a friend with the jump box spider and give them a minor heart attack. When you open this ordinary wooden box, a life-like rubber spider jumps out to startle when they lift the lid.

8. Prank Gift Boxes in Boxes in Boxes

Give your friend the funny gift of annoyance by giving them a prank gift box in boxes within boxes. They’ll be surprised with a sequence of progressively smaller cardboard boxes that they must open to reach the last little box inside.

9. Realistic Fake Cockroaches

With the assistance of these realistic fake cockroaches, you may turn your fears into reality. The roaches are ideal for putting in a friend’s tiny dark locations, such as inside shoes, kitchen cabinets, and desk drawers.

10. Prank Gift Box with Earwax Candle Kit

Make your friend’s gift laugh by wrapping their costly new gift in this prank gift box with an earwax candle kit. A surprisingly-looking gift box will conceal your true gift inside. The most significant part is witnessing the friend’s puzzled expression!

How Do I Troll My Friend on His Birthday?

Trolling is the act of bothering friends through computers or phones. Find innocuous methods to annoy your friends with your phone, a computer, or social media. To prevent annoying your buddies, keep your pranks humorous. You and your friends may have a wonderful time trolling with a bit of preparation.

  1. Using a Smartphone
  • Put the motion fart app on a friend’s phone.
  • Make it seem as though their home screen is frozen.
  • Spamming friends with pointless texts.
  1. Trolling on Social Media
  • Make your friend envious by using a phony check-in app.
  • In random photos, tag your friends.
  • Invite your friends to a variety of Facebook groups.
  • Send nonsensical texts to your friends.
  1. Using Websites
  • Send them false news stories.
  • Make a meme of a friend.
  • Swap face with your friends
  • Call your friends using voice-altering software.

Furthermore, we feel that no celebration is complete without a few exciting surprises when it comes to birthdays! That’s why these best birthday pranks are ideal for making your friends laugh on their special day.


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