10 Neighbor Pranks That Will Leave You Laughing

Whether you dislike or adore your neighbor, a clever prank is always a tried and true method of getting closer to them. As the adage says, “love your neighbor,” so you may want to demonstrate your affection for them through silly jokes and a few humorous pranks. However, bear in mind that until your loving neighbors move away, you will have to live with them for the duration of your stay, so you should maintain a positive relationship with them.

You can simply give them a homemade pastry or anything else they’ll love. However, for the greatest challenge of camaraderie, play a humorous and nonviolent prank on your neighbors. Do you have no clue what prank idea you’re going to do? Check out this post to learn about the ten hilarious neighbor pranks.

  1. Lucky Day

Nobody surpasses a 1 dollar bill prank that was done by your favorite neighbors. And this prank will undoubtedly brighten or ruin your neighbor’s day, mainly if they are reading their daily magazines while having a glass of coffee from their front balcony. First, produce a 20-dollar note with your funny face rather than the President’s, then trim it to size and stick it to their balcony. Ensure you have a disguised camera mounted, so you have evidence that your neighbor needs the bill and mistook it for a legitimate $20 bill.

  1. Prank Call

Nobody beats an old-fashioned neighbor prank call, especially if you use prank-calling software; however, you should stay unanimous. Browse for the great prank phone conversation options or come up with your own. The number of fantastic prank ideas is infinite. You may bombard your neighbors with amusing SMS or messages. You may even send a series of odd information or remarks which will allow them to feel wonderful while annoying them with their hung-up phone.

  1. Missing Pet

Make your neighbors believe that their dogs have been stolen or lost. This will undoubtedly cause your neighbors to hurry up and look for their pet, only to discover that you have just concealed it in the meanwhile. You may even utilize your friend’s pet as a stand-in for your neighbor’s lost dog, and since you’ve previously purchased a substitute for them, they’ll believe they’ve genuinely lost their beloved pet.

  1. Embarrassing Delivery

This prank needs two people. Let your companion disguise herself as a courier worker and bring a basket full of laxatives. Then ring your neighbor’s bell and present them the gift with the humiliating message “We heard you’re having trouble popping these days.” scrawled on it. This is where you enter the picture. Show a video of this funny and humiliating incident so that you and your neighbor can crack up the next time you hang out with one another.

  1. Monster Snowman

It’s already the season of winter, and instead of curling up with a cup of hot cocoa in front of the campfire, decide to prank your neighbor’s house kids. Be aware that this is just suggested for people who can construct a commendable snowman, although you do not even understand how to create one in any instance. You may always ask a friend to build one for you. Then have it appear as if the snowman has swallowed several of your neighbors’ children’s pals by placing a pair of trousers with a boot within the snowman’s mouth and pretend he has already consumed the other half of the body. Enjoy watching those youngsters shriek in terror when they see your creation.

  1. Crime Scene

You require four items to execute this prank; red paint, chalk, policeman tape, and an established connection with your neighbor since this one is a bit more severe than the last one. The first step is to create an image of a corpse at their door and wrap it in police tape to make it seem like a genuine scene of a crime. Add a splatter of red paint around the artwork for added impact. Remind them that it is simply a hoax just before they are ready to tell it to the police to prevent a significant and unwelcome uproar.

  1. Salt It Up

This famous prank should be performed whenever you have the opportunity to go into your neighbor’s cooking area. When you have a spare bag of salt lying somewhere, smuggle it inside your neighbor’s house. Then, start replacing their sugar container with salts and see them puke the next time they brew coffee. Ensure to have a companion that will set a concealed camera in case you are not there when the event happens.

  1. Ghostly Printer

Deceive your neighbor into believing that an evil creature has taken possession of their printing device or that they have allowed a devil into their home. When they have an unprotected wifi printer that you can access, generate a document and write, then have it printed, “Hello! I am a devil that has taken over your printing device. I’ll control your dishwashing if you do not deliver a prepared pastry to your neighbor.”  Wish that they’d have their printers open and filled with sheets that are set to use.

  1. Peeking Baby

If you have a cent to spare and want to boost up the prank a bit, this one is undoubtedly for you. Grab a phony baby with you when you go to a toy shop and save it for your pranking idea. Once you’ve assured that your neighbors aren’t there, fix your fake baby to their glass window with a strong adhesive tape, making it seem as though the baby is peering out to say hello. 

  1. Bless You

Spray the liquid on your palm, sneeze, and then hurl the liquid towards the nape of your neighbor when the right moment has come. This will give your neighbor the impression that you sneezed upon them. Take note, even though it is an innocent joke, you may find yourself excluded from the next celebration your neighbor chooses to host.


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