What to Say When You Prank Call Someone? – 3 Ideas to Try

When boredom sets in, and you want something to do, try to prank call someone. There is nothing better than spreading laughter, and hearing others’ responses can keep you entertained for hours if you have the right people to fall for your practical jokes. The hardest part is not laughing in the middle of the prank call. Still, if you have strong willpower to refrain from laughing until the end, there is no telling how far you can lead the other person on before they hang up on you. We have a few ideas to share that can help with the side-splitting laughter.

“Prank calls are most popular among children between the ages of 11 and 15 according to a few studies.”

Is your refrigerator running?

You can randomly call anyone with this question, and once they affirm, you get the last laugh and hang up on them. These calls are funnier when people can laugh with you, and you can always tell them at a later date, it was you that called them. Listed below is a script of how the prank call will go when you call the person:

You: Is your refrigerator running?

Them: Excuse me?

You: Is your refrigerator running?

Them: Yes, it’s running. Why?

You: Well, you better run after it and catch it before it gets away. (Hang Up)

You Kicked My Dog Prank Call

Call someone randomly or a friend or family member and inform them you live on the same street as they do and tell them they kicked your dog. Throw in an accent to make it more interesting. Let them know you will sue or call the police to get them riled up and see how far you can go with it. Tell them the dog is hurt bad, and you have to take it to the vet. The conversation can go almost anywhere, but stand your ground and have fun with your friends or family. Here is an example with you calling the person:

Them: Hello

You: Yes, Hello. My name is… and I live on the same street as you a couple of houses down, and I’m calling to find out why you kicked my dog.

Them: But I don’t know who you are, and I didn’t kick your dog.

You: Yes, you did. I saw you with my own eyes, and you kicked my dog.

Them: I assure you, I did no such thing.

You: Yes, yes you did. I was looking out my window, and I saw you. You walked by my dog, and you kicked it. Now he has to have emergency surgery. You kicked my dog. Why would you kick my dog? I’m calling the police!

Them: Wait, sir, you are mistaken. I did not kick your dog. And go ahead, call the police, and we can get this thing sorted out right now.

You: Yes, I am calling the police, and I will sue you for kicking my dog.

Them: Look, I don’t know who you are, so go ahead because I know I didn’t kick your dog. Do what you have to do. (Click)

Cat Facts Prank Call

This prank call is perfect for those who love cats and is even more hilarious for those who hate them. If you can get a voice recorder to use, it works best to make it sound like an automated service. Here is how you can play this prank call.

Them: Hello

Voice: Thank you for subscribing to Cat Facts. Every day you will receive a phone call with a different fact about cats. Feel free to cancel your subscription at any time. All you have to do is say, “Cancel.”

Them: Cancel

Voice: We’re sorry. We didn’t get that. To end your subscription to Cat Facts, please say “Stop.”

Them: Stop! (Getting agitated)

Voice: We are processing the cancellation of your subscription to Cat Facts, but we need you to verify the answer to your security question. What is your favorite animal?

Them: Cats.

Voice: We’re sorry that is an invalid answer. The correct answer is a walrus.

Have the voice continue to repeat itself and see how long the person goes before they hang up.

More On Prank Calls

There are services like “blowupthephone.com” where we have more ideas on different topics for automated prank calls like the “USPS Customer Service Hell,” where you can work on a person’s nerves and see how far you can go before they give up. They will either hang up on you or curse you out, and both are hilarious.


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