How To Do a Funny Prank Call

Prank calls can be pretty annoying to receive, they waste time and often get you too happy or too worried over nothing. However, when it comes to making prank calls, there are fewer activities that can bring you more laughter and joy. 

Making a prank call to a friend can be an extremely entertaining way to spend some time and have some harmless fun. It is important to remember, however, to never prank call emergency services or any other serious helpline. 

If you feel like prank calling a friend, this article is the best resource. We will cover funny lines you can use on your next prank call as well as a lot of different voice changers and soundboards that can add to the experience. 

Lay back, make sure your phone is charged up, and prepare for some hilarious action to ensue!

How to do a funny prank call 

First, it is important to cover the basics. How exactly can you make a prank call? 

Here, you have a few different options. Firstly, you can go the classic way and use your cellular phone. Basically, you can utilize your normal network and number to make a call, however, there is one drawback to prank calls like this. You might rack up an enormous phone bill!

Instead, there are other options available. One such example is using the internet to call. Nowadays, you can place audio calls over a variety of different apps and services. These calls are often free and easy to make, thus this is also a suitable option. 

One thing to remember before making a prank call is to ensure that your phone number is anonymous. This will prevent your victim(friend) from recognizing that the number which is calling is your number.

If you are in the United States, the way to do this is by adding *67 to the start of the number that you are about to dial. This will make it so that when you call, your phone number is not shown and, instead, appears anonymous. 

One thing to be aware of, however, is the fact that *67 is not a universal number. In different countries and regions, the number required to make your phone number anonymous will be different.

In fact, sometimes, even different cellular network providers can have different numbers to dial to make your phone anonymous. Thus it may be worthwhile to conduct some research beforehand and make sure that you have the right number.

 Moreover, it is also a good idea to call on another phone near you and make sure that your number appears anonymous. It may not be a fun situation to find out that you are prank calling your friend while they already know you are the one calling!

Funny Prank call lines to say

1) ‘Stop Calling Me, or Else!’

This one is a classic that is likely to have your friend scratching their head about what they did and worrying about what’s going to happen to them.

2) I found your wallet

Not only is this going to freak your friend out, but its also going to leave them scratching their head about whose wallet you found after they learn that they still have theirs. Two birds with one stone!

3) A Muffled Voice

A muffled voice from an anonymous number? Enough to send chills down the spine, especially if you call late at night. This one is sure to give your friends a cold sweat. 

4) You Called Me?

Sometimes, a simple sentence is the best sentence. In this case, they are going to be worried and concerned about who it is they called.

5)You’re Going to Win Something

Nothing like giving someone hope and then taking it away. This will leave your friends devastated when they find out they have not actually won anything. If they fall for it in the first place that is!

Funny prank call voices-changers to use

1) Call Voice Changer – IntCall by Astra Communications

Pro: Easy to Use 

Con: Requires payment after a few free minutes

2) Prank Call Voice Changer App By Ownage Pranks

Pro: Interesting Background noises 

Con: Credits are deducted for calls even when there is no answer 

3) Live Voice Changer – Prankcall by Xiaoxi Zhang

Pro: Choke-full of interesting features

Con: Advanced features require payment

Funny prank call soundboards

Soundboards can help add flair and professionalism to your prank calls. You can confuse your victims further with these often bizarre sounds. The following is a list of some of the best options available: 

1)Instant Buttons

2)MLG Memes Soundboard

3)Custom Soundboard

4)Zeptars soundboard apps

5)Meme Soundboard


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