How To Prank Your Crush Over Text

Pranking people can be one of the most interesting activities to pass the time. Not only do you get to mess around with people but you also get to have a fun time while at it. This is especially the case if your pranks are ridiculous and leave your victims befuddled and confused. 

Although being pranked can sometimes feel annoying because it ends up wasting a lot of time, it is also the best activity when you are the one pranking. This is especially true when it comes to pranking your crush. 

With any luck, you will not only get to see an entertaining reaction from your crush to your prank but he or she may even appreciate your playfulness and sense of humor. Fortunately, to help you on this quest, this article will detail ways you prank your crush over text. 

The following are some of the best and most classic text pranks to use on your crush. 

Talking in Song Lyrics 

One of the oldest (and most romantic) pranks in the book is to talk through famous song lyrics. Basically, for you to do this prank you should only send messages that are verses from famous songs that your crush will know. 

This will not only leave your crush confused but your crush will also recognize the lyrics and know that you are being playful. If you know your music, finding something suitable should not be an issue at all. 

However, just in case you need some help finding a suitable song lyric, we have listed down a few good ones for you to use. 

‘I know you love me, I know you care’  – Baby by Justin Bieber

‘Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down  – Never Gonna Give you Up by Rick Astley

‘Wise men say, only fools rush in’  – Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley 

After using one of these openers, you can tailor your next lyrics depending on what your crush responds with.  

One key thing to remember while carrying out this prank is to not break character. You must resist the urge to drop the prank altogether and use normal texts for communication. This is not recommended. Instead, you should be headstrong and carry out the entire conversation with song lyrics if possible. 

The GIF prank 

Text pranks are cool and all, but sometimes to have the best prank you need to be creative and think outside the box. One such way is to use gifs for your prank. Not only is this bound to produce hilarious results but your crush might even be impressed at your creativity. 

There are thousands of gifs available to send to your text-buddy, however, for this prank, you need to use a very specific one. This, of course, is the typing bubble gif. This gif will look just like the three dots that are visible when someone is typing. When you send the gif, your crush will wonder what you are about to say to him or her. 

Soon, however, when the three bubbles stay there for a minute after minute and no text appears, your crush should realize that something fishy is up. They may even eventually realize that the typing bubble is simply a gif and in that case, they will probably send you a message.

From here it will be up to you to say ‘gotcha!’ and continue the conversation forward with your texting skills. 

A Ghastly Image

Other than messages and gifs, you have one final tool available in your pranking arsenal over text. That is, of course, images. With a little bit of creativity, you can send your crush a creepy prank that is suitable not only for Halloween but for any day of the year as it is sure to ignite an interesting conversation. 

For this prank, simply take a normal picture to send to your crush. This can be anything, from your meal that day to a selfie, to a cute picture of one of your pets. The fun, however, comes when you add a ghost to the image. 

There are many apps on both IOS and Android which allow you to add realistic-looking ghosts to images. We recommend you download one or two and use the one you like more. 

With this app, you can then insert a ghost onto your regular image and then send the image to your crush as if nothing happened. Make sure that you are completely nonchalant about the whole thing.

With any luck, your crush should notice the ghost and freak out completely. From here it will be up to you whether you want to reveal the prank or go along with the flow. 


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