Prank Call Ideas To Try On Your Friends

There’s nothing quite as fun as pranking your friends. Set it up correctly and not only will get a quick laugh at your friend’s expense; they’ll even appreciate your pranking skills for how well you duped them. But a few old “your refrigerator’s running” jokes aren’t going to do the trick. 

What you need are some solid prank call ideas to try on your friends. And this list is more than enough to get you started. Of course, whether or not you can pull them off depends entirely on your acting skills.

Prank Calls To Try

1. Why you call my girlfriend prank

If you’re mad at your friends and want to teach them a lesson try this prank. Basically, you call them up and tell them you know they’ve been calling your girlfriend, repeatedly, late at night. Insist that you checked her phone log and saw that your friend has been flirting with her over text and calling daily for weeks.

Your friend will deny ever doing it and may even start extolling the virtues of your friendship, bringing up all the good things they’ve done for you. Once you think they’ve been punished enough you can let them into the joke. Of course, keep in mind that your girlfriend may not appreciate this prank. So you’ll have to make sure she doesn’t find out.

2. Why you kick my dog prank call

Call up a friend and tell them your neighbors just sent you video footage of them kicking your dog. Be as loud and emotional as you want. Tell them you’re heartbroken and that this is a huge betrayal of your friendship. Keep them on edge for at least a few minutes before you let them off the hook. This is a great prank if you want to punish your friend for something they did.

Only use it if they are already at fault for something and not as a casual prank because it may hurt your friend’s feelings.

3. Mobile Operator Prank Call

Pretending you’re from the phone company is one of the easiest ways to keep someone on the phone. Tell them you need them to be a part of a survey or participate in a phone checkup and that they’ll get a free internet bundle in exchange for their time. Most people will be happy to participate. 

Then you can ask them embarrassing questions like how often they’ve looked up porn on their phone in the past month, or make them repeat funny sentences like “I pissed my pants in 5th grade.” Your friends will quickly realize what’s happening, but it’ll give you both a good laugh.

4. What Should We Eat

Call up your friend and ask if they’d like to go out to eat. Tell them you’re feeling under the weather if it’ll get them to commit to the plan. Then spend the next 10 minutes, discussing where you should eat in frustrating detail. From the restaurants, you think they should consider the items on the menu, drag it on forever. Finally, when they are about to give up, agree to go to the first place they suggested. 

5. Relationship Quiz

This prank works especially well when you’re in cahoots with your friend’s girlfriend or boyfriend. Get together with your friend’s significant other. Then call them and pretend you’re from a specific radio station. Tell them that you’ve quizzed their partner on their relationship and that you’ll now ask them the same questions. They can answer the questions correctly and win a couple’s prize! 

Of course, what they don’t know is that their partner is sitting right next to you and that the only prize is getting bonus points with their significant other. But if they answer incorrectly…. Then that’s on them. You tried to help.

6. Fake Problem

To pull off this prank you will need to perfect your acting skills. Call up your friend and start bawling. Tell them how frustrated you are with a problem you’re having and how you just don’t know what to do. Be as dramatic and emotional as you can. Your friend will obviously try to console you and ask about the problem you’re having.

Delay telling them about the issue for as long as you can. Then when you’ve truly drawn them in, tell you’re upset because… you’ve run out of toilet paper! It’ll take them a few seconds to figure out you duped them but eventually, you’ll both get a laugh out of it.

If you want any of these pranks to work on your friends you’ll have to work on your acting skills. It’ll be hard to convince them if you already have a reputation as a prankster. So try writing a script or at least a basic outline so they don’t catch you in the act!


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