Scary Prank Phone Call To Do On Halloween

Scary prank phone call

Nothing embodies the spirit of Halloween better than the scary prank phone call. Things that would seem ordinary at any other time seem scarier at this time of the year. But if you’re going to pull a scary prank call it has to be good. 

Often, you’ll see sordid tales of mean pranks gone wrong making the rounds online. Low blows like telling people their loved ones are dead or injured aren’t in the pranking spirit. In fact, they give true prank lovers a bad name. A real prank gives people a momentary scare before lightening the mood and that’s exactly what we’re here for. 

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How to execute a good scary prank?

The best tip is to just keep it simple. No one knows your friends better than you. Play on their smaller fears than trying to do something big and flashy. Here are some of the things you can try.

Dead air prank call

Nothing sets the tone better than the dead air prank call. A classic horror movie move, the dead air call is just spooky enough to put the other person on edge. And it’s the best way to set the tone for other pranks. 

Dead air prank call

Remember, the trick is to slowly unsettle the call receivers with minor pranks. Your friends’ inbuilt paranoia, developed after years of watching slasher films will do the rest. Of course, one call won’t be enough to do the trick. Repeat this prank over several days, spaced out, and at odd times for full impact. 

If you’re calling someone you know, one way to up the ante is to call them on their personal cell phone a few times before switching it up and calling them at work. If they still have a landline try looking them up that way. This trick will put their paranoia in overdrive, taking you from mildly annoying wrong number to scary call territory. 

Scary voice prank call

If heavy breathing isn’t enough to do the trick you can take the prank calls up a notch with the scary voice prank call. Draw on your favorite horror or slasher flicks for inspiration and practice your scary phone call voice. Anything from guttural noises that unsettle the person on call to cat wailing sounds that put them on edge.

Scary voice prank call

But the best way to put the fright into someone is by playing a popular character, like Pennywise or The Nun. This is a great strategy because it gives you everything from tone and voice to theme and script ideas. Not to mention, it’s a surefire strategy because the movies have already built the fear in their brains, and with a little push you can draw it out.

Many people prefer to make their prank calls themselves. For them, writing the script and putting on the character is part of the fun of the call. But if that isn’t a motivator, you can even use an app or software for your scary prank calls. Many apps today come inbuilt with characters and voices so you can get the desired effect without having to roll play the voices yourself.

Scary music/soundboards

Nothing instills fear quite like some scary music. The scary voice prank call requires a lot of work and effort because you have to create a character, write a script, and play the role. But often, the best strategies are the simplest. The right soundtrack is sometimes enough to put the fear of God into people.

Play with the minds of your friends, acquaintances, or even strangers by creating the perfect mix. You can try a random creepy and ominous music track off the internet or find a song from a horror flick. 

The best strategy is to pick the theme song from an old horror film or one that wasn’t insanely popular. That way the call receiver won’t immediately know where the tune is from but their brains will recall having heard it before. It’s similar to how you can partially recognize the beats from old songs but can’t remember any of the words. 

This is perfect because the familiarity will put them on edge, while not being able to place the track will frustrate them beyond reason. One option for great tunes is the soundtrack from Scream. This late 90s classic was a massive hit for over 10 years, not to mention it has 3 sequels and used to be a constant on late-night cable tv. 

Chances are anyone over the age of 18 will have seen this movie and hearing the soundtrack again will bring up those adolescent fears. The Michael Myers Theme Song, Freddy Kruger Theme Song, and the Chuky Song from Child’s Play are all great picks as well.

Scary things to say on a prank call

There is no rule that says you cannot try one or more of these prank ideas. When it comes to scary prank calls with strangers you have about a 50/50 success rate, because it all comes down to isolating what they’re afraid of. 

Scary things to say on a prank call

One horror movie fanatic might die of fear from hearing the Freddy Kruger Theme Song, while another will find it more unsettling to hear the empty sound of heavy breathing over the phone. So it really depends on what you say and to whom.

Overall, the easiest way to ensure success from a scary prank call is to be prepared with a script. That way you’re not relying on your own ability to gauge their fears but rather draw them into your scenario. 

You can set up a scene as an arsonist and tell them you start fires, pretend you’re a murderer and confess your sins, or even just tell them you saw them at the mall and liked the blue shirt. The last one may not work every time, but after 5 failed attempts you’ll probably find someone who recently went out and wore a blue shirt. It will definitely freak them out.

At the end of the day, it’s less about what you say or do, and more about how well you pull it off. So go with the prank that plays to your strengths, and have a blast!

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