Best Prank Phone Call Ideas

Best prank phone call ideas

Making prank calls is practically a right of passage, especially when you’re with a bunch of your friends. It’s a great way to break the ice and bond over a funny experience. The most difficult part, of course, is figuring out what to say. So here are a few of the best prank phone call ideas that will have you doubled over with laughter!

I Just Bought Your House Prank

This prank is simple. You call up a random number and pretend you just bought their house from a real estate company. Ask them how soon you can move in and when they will vacate the property. At first, they’ll probably tell you that you have the wrong number, but you must insist you’re calling the right place.

Throw in a few general statements like how you just visited the house a few days ago and how nice the yard is. Tell them you’ve already signed the papers and even hired a moving van to deliver your furniture. This is one of those pranks that’s so out there, the person on the other end of the line won’t even consider they’re talking to a prank caller.

You can even make up a fictional real estate agency. Or better yet do your research and pick one of the top agencies in the area. That’ll help make your lie more authentic. The best pranks are the ones where you can keep the calling on the line for a long time and this definitely meets the criteria.

Thai Food Takeout Prank Call

Anyone who’s into pranks will have heard of the Thai Food Takeout Prank Call. This humorous prank will let you bring out your best accent. Most of the time trying to place a food order over the phone is incredibly frustrating for the caller. 

You say the same three words over and over, yet somehow the order taker on the other end of the line just can’t get it right. It’s twice as hard when you’re in the mood for a specific cuisine like Thai because chances are you’re pronouncing the names of dishes wrong. Plus, the person on the other end of the line probably isn’t a native English speaker. 

All this confusion sucks when you’re actually trying to get some food, but its a perfect scenario to play a prank. Do a funny voice and say a bunch of random words fast and anything will sound like food. Snoop Dog Dog? Tick Tack Toe? Pair any three words together and add a “bread” in the end. The confusion in the order taker’s voice along with how long they spend trying to figure out your order marks the success of this prank.

DMV Fines Prank Call

Spending any amount of time at the DMV is mind-numbingly frustrating. But what’s worse are their automated messages that keep you on the line endlessly. There’s nothing as annoying as wasting your time listening to a robot. Of course, that’s only when you’re on the receiving end.

The DMV Fines Prank Call lets you mess with a random caller by pretending you’re an automated message from the DMV. Try on the robot voice and repeat this message. “This is the automated message for the DMV. You have an outstanding moving violation ticket. You owe four hundred and 50 dollars and 60 cents.” 

Make sure you’re as specific as possible, down to the cent. Then give them an option to tell you why they have not paid. Just repeat this over and over for five minutes. At first, they will be confused, then they will get frustrated, finally, they will ask for the operator. At this point, you get to try on a second accent and pretend to be an operator. There is endless room for improvisation in this prank. Plus when people think you’re calling from the DMV they won’t hang up, unlike other prank calls.

Honorable Mentions

If these great picks aren’t enough for a fun evening of pranks and mischief, try one of our honorable mentions. 

  • Fake Food Delivery

Pretending you’re delivering takeout is a pranking classic. People who live with their family or with roommates will waste at least a few minutes confused and trying to figure out who placed the order. It’s even more fun when you make the order something weird like vinegar ice cream or Flaming Hot Cheetos.

  • You’ve won!

Everyone wants to win free things. From a week-long cruise to a flat-screen tv people will jump at the chance to get a free treat. Ask them a series of bizarre questions and have a laugh.


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