Prank Text Ideas: 4 Most Hilarious

Prank texting is one of the most fun activities out there. Although it may leave your friends seriously confused and concerned, it can bring joy to your day and leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. 

To help you on your prank texting journey, we have brought together a list of some of the most hilarious prank texts to send your friends and family. Feel free to use a few of these, sit back, and wait for the hilarious reactions to come in.

Random Cat Facts Prank Text

One of the latest modern classics in humor is the infamous cat prank. There exist many different versions of this prank text but they all revolve around the same thing; cats.


In this prank you go ahead and send random facts about cats, alternatively, you could also pretend to be a salesman selling cat services or products. As long as your texts are about cats, you’re good to go with this prank. 

The secret to making this prank work is to never relent. ‘Have you ever wanted to buy a cat?’ ‘Would you like to buy a cat?’ ‘Will you consider buying this cat?’ Please buy this cat, it needs a new home’.

No matter what you do, when it comes to this prank. Never break out of character, always keep going with something related to cats. Not only is this prank hilarious for the sender, especially since you get to see your victim be confused, but it is also harmless and good fun.

Unlike some other pranks, this one will not make your victim feel stressed or worried.

Random Dog Facts Prank Text

Continuing the theme of animal-related prank texts is the dog fact prank text. As the name suggests, for this prank you use man’s best friend as the tool in your playful endeavors. 

For this prank, the script is similar to the last one. Hit one of your friends or family up with random facts about dogs or offers to sell dogs services or products. The sheer randomness of this prank is bound to cause some very interesting reactions on the part of your victims. They will not know what hit them!

Consider opening sentences completely out of the left-field, for example, ‘would you like to buy a dog collar?’ ‘I offer veterinary services for dogs, would you like them?’ ‘I’m selling my puppies, would you like to buy them?’. These statements are sure to precipitate an interesting response from your victims. 

Just like the last prank, it is key that you maintain your character throughout. Do not let your facade fall for even a second. You must not show any sign of weakness during your prank.

Send Trump Facts

No one can resist one of the world’s most famous political figures. Donald Trump is a name that is sure to incite reactions from everyone no matter what side of the political aisle they fall on. This is true now and will likely be so for many years to come.

Donald trump facts

Thus, an absolutely hilarious prank idea is to send your friends and family random Donald Trump facts. They will not know why you are doing this and the confusion that ensues is bound to induce an endless stream of laughs. 

There are two ways you can go with this prank. Either you could start off with something fairly normal and build up to some of the crazier facts, or, you could go ahead with crazy facts straight out the gate. Think something like ‘Did you know, Donald Trump’s favorite color is gold? Especially showers’. This is sure to bring about a reaction. 

Even after you get a reaction, do not stop with the facts. Instead, continue going on and on, leaving your victim absolutely baffled and confused.

Send Parenting Facts

This prank is a little different from the ones discussed earlier. However, it is likely to incur a flurry of hilarious reactions from people of all ages and genders. 

For this text prank, you should go ahead and send parenting tips to your victims. In case your target is an adult with kids it will be a sign that they should step up their parenting game. In case your target is a teenager, this may remind them of the fact that they should have been a bit safer during their nightly affairs. 

Parenting Facts

Irrespective of who your victim is, this prank will baffle and amuse. Here are a few high-quality facts we recommend you use during this prank:

  • Kids love to poop in a freshly changed, new diaper.
  • The day you do the laundry, vacuum, or clean the house will be the day your child soils their clothes, spills everything, and makes it all a mess.
  • Kids love eating stickers.

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