Ideas to Prank Call Each Other

Prank Call Each Other

When a couple can play jokes on one another, it shows they not only have a great sense of humor, but they will have the best relationship tied around laughter. Prank call each other and see who has the better practical jokes. Some tricks make a person wonder if the “till death do you part” may come from an early heart attack.

Pregnancy Prank Call

These prank calls are some the women can test their boyfriends or spouses to the max. This practical joke can give them insight into how their boyfriend or spouse may react when pregnancy is a reality. It is also the ultimate joke to pull off and can seldom be topped. Here we explain how you can perform the prank call and get yourself out of the trick.

Girl: (Nervous voice) Hey baby, I have something important we need to talk about.

Guy: Okay, what’s up? Is something wrong?

Girl: I don’t know. It all depends on how you look at it.

Guy: This sounds serious; what’s wrong?

Girl: I took a pregnancy test, and it’s positive.

Guy: (Silence)

Girl: We have a lot longer than nine months to figure everything out.

Guy: How do you figure that?

Girl: Because it’s a joke. I’m not really pregnant.

Jail Prank Call

This prank call is a good idea to use when it’s a guys’ night out, and you get a little rowdy. Pretend you are using your one fake call to play a joke on your girlfriend, letting her know you are in prison and need help. You can have her meet you at a specific location (not jail) to bring you the money. This joke can give you insight into what may happen if you really find yourself in prison. Hopefully, she would not leave you there in real life, although it would be an outstanding follow-up to this joke if she would make you sweat it out a little bit.

Guy: I’m in jail, and I need bail money.

Girl: What!?!?

Guy: You can bring it to me at Pizza Hut.

Girl: Wait… What? Where?

Guy: At the Pizza Hut down by the police station. It’s a joke, and we ran out of fun money.

Girl: (Click)

Break Up Prank Call

Pretend you are breaking up with your significant other. Before doing this be sure she has a sense of humor. If you execute this joke properly, you will know if she is the right one for you. What you want is a prank war, not an actual breakup. If she pranks you back or knocks you silly, she is the right one. Here is how to execute the prank call safely:

Guy: Hey, we need to talk.

Girl: Okay.

Guy: I need to be on my own, and I’m afraid we can’t see each other anymore.

Girl: (Getting upset) What are you talking about? Why?

Guy: I just need to think.

Girl: What do you need to think about? I thought we were good for each other.

Guy: I know. That is why I have something else to tell you.

Girl: What?

Guy: Just kidding! I wanted to see if you really loved me.

Girl: (Silence)

Who Is This

If you really want to have your boyfriend or girlfriend confused, try this prank call when they call you. See if they call back. When they stop calling, call them and say, “Just kidding,” and let them know it was a prank call. The whole point is to confuse them and second guess if they are talking to the right person. How long you leave them wondering is up to you.

(Phone Rings)

Girl: Hello, Who is this?

Guy: (Baffled) It’s me.

Girl: Me who? Do I know you?

Guy: Well, yeah, I’m your boyfriend.

Girl: Uh… I’m sorry, sir, I don’t know who you are. You must have the wrong number. (Hangs up)

(Guy keeps calling back)

Girl: If you keep calling me, I am going to block you. I don’t know who you are.

Pre Recorded Prank Calls You Can Use

As you can see, everything is a joke and if you are looking for more prank calls, try looking up our services which you can use for your dialogue. Some funny ones like “Wife Catches Husband Cheating Prank Call” and “Why Are You Calling My Wife Prank Call.” If these are not some you can use, it will give you some ideas on how to prank call your significant other.


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