Prank Text Ideas: Fail-Proof Pranks for 2022

Texting is fun, and there are even better ways to text today with emoji, LOL, and other abbreviations that let others know the emotions of giving and receiving ends. You can also prank someone through text. And there are some prank text ideas played on mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, and among best friends. They may give you ideas on what prank to play next, or they may trigger some other idea that will spread the laughter.

Pranks Text on Mom

In Detention

Parent-teacher conferences are always a nightmare when the teacher calls for a meeting. Send mom a text letting her know you are in detention and let her know the crazy idea that got you in there. This is just one of the many prank text ideas that you can pull off. See if she catches on that it is only a joke and not for real. Below is how the conversation may take a turn for the funnies:

You: I got thrown in detention.

Mom: For what? What did you do now?

You: The teacher said, do you know there is an idiot at the end of this ruler?

Mom: And…

You: I answered her which end? LOL!

31 Flavors from Baskin-Robbins

Another prank text idea is to send messages that resemble a bot and can be sent to anyone. What better person to trick than Mom? Send this message to your Mom and see how many times you can get her to text STOP.

Message: Thank you for joining our program at Baskin-Robbins. To show our appreciation, we are sending facts all day and every day concerning our 31 different flavors. Standard text message rates may apply. To opt out of our texting service, please text STOP to 6783.

Not Meant for You

Send an experimental text prank to your Mom and see her response.

Text 1: Got 2 grams for $40.

Text 2: Sorry, Please ignore. This text is not meant for you.

Prank Text On Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Anniversary Gift

There are ways to find out what your significant other has gotten you for your anniversary. Try these prank text ideas! It is a text you will have to redeem yourself at the end, but it is still funny. Try this text to get the emotions boiling, so they spill the beans.

GF: There is something I have to tell you.

BF: What’s that, Love?

GF: I know today is our anniversary and all, but I think we should stop seeing each other.

BF: What the hell! But I just spent $500 on the watch you always wanted and admired.

GF: No, nothing is wrong with me. I only wanted to know what you got me for our anniversary. Thank you, and I will see you at dinner at 7 PM tonight! LOL!

Not Fully Honest

Try this experiment with your significant other. Text them, “I was not fully honest with you.” Leave them hanging for an hour and see their responses.

The Texting Bubble

Whenever you get a text from your loved one, send them a text back with a GIF of the texting bubble GIF. It will constantly show like you are currently texting, but they will never receive a message.

Prank Text Ideas for Friends

Grammar Freak

If you want to trip your friends out, try this text when they send texted statements with “your” and “you’re.” Read below and see how this conversation can go, and watch how fast you can confuse them. Imagine you just told your friend something rude.

Them: Your so mean!

You: *You’re*

Them: QUIT IT!!! Your making me angry!!!

You: *You’re*

Them: FINE!!! OK!!! I’m gonna kick you’re butt next time I see you!!!

You: *Your* LOL!!

Change Contact Names

You will need to grab your friend’s phone to do this texting prank. Change the contact names in their text listing, so the messages go to the wrong person and see their response.

Same Messages

Whenever your friend texts you, reply with the same message repeatedly to annoy them. No matter what they say, respond with the exact text. See how long they try to get through to you.


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