Prank Call Ideas to Try: 4 Hilarious Ideas

It seems now more than ever, we need laughter to get us through the day. There is no better way than old fashion prank calls. Whether you are bored or a person who loves to play practical jokes through prank calls, these prank call ideas will have you and your friends and family laughing when they realize it is you on the other end of the line.

1. Person of No Words

A good question to ask yourself is how long you can keep another person on the phone without saying a word. Try calling someone, and do not answer under any circumstances. Do not even say hello.

A person with little to no patience will leave you hitting the mute button because you will not be able to contain the laughter. You may even learn some new words you’ve never heard before. Most of them will probably need bleeping and censorship, which will make it even more hilarious.

There are two types of people when doing these prank call ideas. The first are the ones who will hang up on you. The other people will stay on the line, say hello ten times, go down a list of people they think are cursing out, and wonder why you are not answering them.

2. Talking Gibberish and Slang

Picturing someone doing this would give the impression of talking to a turkey. No matter what is said, it still sounds funny and is a great way to mock a person with a sense of humor. What would make it even more amusing is if they talk back gibberish in reply. What a conversation that would be, right?

When they answer the phone, they will typically say “hello.” You just mock them with gibberish slang. As they continue to say hello and ask, “Who is this?” you keep up with talking gibberish and see what comes first. They will either hang up on you, laugh, or talk back in the same language you are portraying.

It is almost as funny, making the gibberish sounds as hearing the response from the prank call. Unfortunately, keeping a straight face on the other end of the phone line will be almost impossible. You can talk in any way you like, as long as it sounds funny and does not make a lick of sense.

3. Don’t Have Time To Talk Right Now

Imagine the response of a person who receives a call and says hello but does not expect the caller to say they cannot talk right now. This is how the conversation may have a twist to it when the other person picks up the phone:

Them: Hello.

You: Hello, yeah, I just called to tell you I’m in the middle of doing something, and I don’t have time to talk right now. I will call you back. (Hang up and call right back.)

Them: Hello.

You: Yeah, I’m still busy and don’t have time to talk. (Wait for a response.)

Them: Uh… Okay, so why did you call me?

You: I called to tell you I can’t talk right now.

Them: Why call then?

You: To tell you, I’m in the middle of something.

Them: In the middle of something?

You: Yea, I’m in the middle of something right now.

Them: What?

You: Something.

Them: Huh?

You: I’m in the middle of something and cannot talk right now. (Hang up)

4. Why You Hung Up on Me?

Surely, there’s a lot of prank call ideas. And another good way to get around someone is to call them and ask them why they hung up on you. It is a prank call that solely relies on the other person’s responses. Here is how that call may go:

Them: Hello

You: Why did you hang up on me?

Them: I didn’t hang up on you.

You: Why did you hang up on me, though?

Them: I told you, I didn’t hang up on you.

You: Yes, but why did you hang up on me?

Them: (Getting angry) I didn’t even call you. How can I hang up on you?

You: But you hung up on me.

Them: (Click)

Websites for Prank Calls

Some websites can offer great prank call ideas. “Blow Up the Phone” is one of those websites that will have you rolling on the floor. These prank call ideas will keep you and your family and friends laughing.


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